Protect information like social security numbers and credit card information in the industrial field with our document shredding

While electronic processing of personal information such as name, social security number, driver's license number and credit card number make unauthorized access more difficult, studies have shown that low-tech, physical access to personal records is the primary method that identify thieves use to commit crimes. Look at it this way: headlines, fines, and criminal charges lay in a trash bin of unshredded documents.

For this reason, implementing a document-destruction policy with a qualified, dependable partner like Midwest Fibre is more important now than ever. Contact us today to schedule a free conference and to give your retail business operations an added level of protection against would-be identity thieves.

A Greener Future Today

Midwest Fibre is headquatered in Springfield, Missouri, we are an industry leader by providing jobs and services for the recycling and shredding sectors for various regions. Our recycling programs keeps these renewable resources out of landfills by offering a variety of services. We offer paper shredding and paper recycling, plastic recycling, cardboard recycling, and even mobile document shredding! Our mobile paper shredding unit makes our service even more secure!

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