Financial institutions are particularly vulnerable to security breaches and identity theft arising from unauthorized use of loan applications, social security numbers, and credit card statements. If a document is simply thrown away without destruction, a hole is created in the very fabric of your financial institution that might never get mended. The greater the volume of financial documentation, the greater the potential for damage to your organization's operation and reputation.

Destruction of personal and financial data is not only a preventative measure against security breaches, but also it can save your organization thousands of dollars in fines and punitive damages. We are your partners in secure shredding and our services will keep your organization in compliance with the law.

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Midwest Fibre is headquatered in Springfield, Missouri, we are an industry leader by providing jobs and services for the recycling and shredding sectors for various regions. Our recycling programs keeps these renewable resources out of landfills by offering a variety of services. We offer paper shredding and paper recycling, plastic recycling, cardboard recycling, and even mobile document shredding! Our mobile paper shredding unit makes our service even more secure!

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