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One size does not fit all for recycling: our programs in Springfield Missouri are flexible, effective solutions for businesses with large or small quantities and everything in between.

Document shredding

Fully compliant with industry standards, there is simply no more reliable, secure or affordable way to dispose of sensitive documents in Springfield Missouri than by using one of our services.

A Greener Future Today

Midwest Fibre is headquatered in Springfield, Missouri, we are an industry leader by providing jobs and services for the recycling and shredding sectors for various regions. Our recycling programs keeps these renewable resources out of landfills by offering a variety of services. We offer paper shredding and paper recycling, plastic recycling, cardboard recycling, and even mobile document shredding! Our mobile paper shredding unit makes our service even more secure!

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like area McDonald's trust us for their document shredding and recycling
Missouri businesses like Cox Health come to MidWwest Fibre to recycleOur
services are trusted throughout the area by Wendy's and othersKum
N Go trusts Midwest Fibre Sales for their commercial recyclingOReilly,
another area business that we serveWe
are proud to serve Boy Scouts in SpringfieldOffering
recycling and shredding of confidential documents to hospitals like Mercy

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We offer a wide variety of programs to accommodate your needs in accordance with the distance and volume of your recoverable materials. We work hard to live up to our reputation as a regional leader in recycling services and document shredding.

community and sustainability

Have you ever wondered where recycled paper, plastic and metal go after leaving the curb? Chances are it passes through our facility, which is the largest sorting facility for commingled materials in Southwest Missouri. Through the sorting process we extract materials that are recoverable which not only keeps them out of the landfill, but also it prevents the destruction of new resources and gives the basic material a new life. Recycling paper not only saves trees, but also it reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The EPA estimates that paper recycling takes only 60% of the energy required for creating fresh wood pulp. Recycled plastic takes 20-40% less energy than creating it from scratch, and recycled metals reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide an energy savings of 95% for aluminum, 85% for copper and 62-74% for steel! But every effort both large and small helps to create a greener planet for everyone.